Our Team

Comprising of a team of unique individuals, the combined experience of the team in this multi-racial organization is more than 30 years.
In various areas from environmental, engineering, sustainable event management, green certification, media and public relations.
In Yellow House, we are dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering innovative strategies to address social issues in Malaysia.


Shyam Priah

BSc Psychology, BA Counseling, BA Disaster Management

Area of Expertise

Corporate Social Responsibility, Brand Activation through Volunteerism, Risk Assessment; CSR Reporting, Low Carbon Footprint Events, Business Ethics and Compliance; Corporate / NGO Partnerships;
Community Development, Corporate Communications

Corporate Liaison Manager

Chew Han Hoong

BSc Human Development and Management

Area of Expertise

Customer Relationship Management, Business Development, External Relations, Project Management, Corporate / NGO Partnerships, Corporate Communications 

Project Manager

Farah Fazu

BSc. Geology (Petroleum), MSc. Petroleum Engineering

Area of Expertise

Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Work, Project Management, Tourism Management, Capacity Building, Activation through Volunteerism, Community Development, Corporate Communications

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