Our commitment is a way for us to educate and bring awareness to our stake holders, suppliers, vendors, clients and volunteers.

Each of our commitment below is what we practice and also help others to practice as well.


We strive to offset and keep our carbon foot print low.

Recycling & Waste reduction

We strive towards zero waste events through recycling, composting, and other efforts to limit waste headed for the landfill. We provide recycling and composting stations (where available) during our events. When we are unable to, we will enlist help of a recycling partner. Let’s leave the venue cleaner than we arrived!


In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we car pool as much as we can, walk to meetings and use public transportation as often as possible. We would love to receive a hybrid car though. So if you are from Toyota, Honda, feel free to loan us a car..!

Carbon Offsets

Apart from all our effort above, we constantly offset our carbon footprint by planting trees and supporting other environmental activities. Our travels are off setted too!


We take a serious stand to say no to single use plastic bottle at Raja Musa Peat Forest and will provide tree planting events with water stations. Fill up your reusable water bottle or empty cup for free at Yellow House Water Stations at the peat swamp.

Eco-Friendly Merchandise

We ensure that our clients have the best choices for their event merchandize. We can suggest merchandizes that are made from recycled paper, cotton banners etc. We also help clients reuse left over merchandize to turn them into premium collectibles or to be used at future events, while keeping carbon footprint as low as possible.

Equal Opportunities

Yellow House believes that equal opportunities should be available and provided to all stakeholders and job applicants regardless of race, color, creed, sex, marital status, religion or belief, nationality or ethnic or national origin.

Community, Women & Children

We strive for accountability for protection of identity of children/orphans/abused so there may never be a situation that will compromise their privacy or safety. Hence no photos of orphans/abused children to be published in any form of media (print or online).

Catering & Culteries

Our green caterers make sure as often as possible to use organic or vegetables sourced from local farms. All cutleries are either reusable or made from biodegradable materials such as potato starch, corn and sugar cane starch.

Giving Back

Each of our Eco merchandize sold contributes RM1 to Yellow House’s CSR fund. This fund will be used to support and assist our cause.

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